Recent Projects






This project was to fit out the Duty Free shop on the Tunisian island of Djerba. We manufactured all of the shop units such as the cigarette and alcohol display units to give 360 degree visibility.

Retail Display designed the full shop fitting for this project including the shelving and the circular and rectangular display stands.

These display stands were designed for a leading department store to fit out the inside of their store. The large stand can be used both to display hanging products as well as those sitting on shelves on the lower areas.

The queuing system that Retail Display designed and produced gives our clients multiple purposes. As well as carrying out the primary function of providing an area to queue and partitioning this area off, the product gives additional benefits to the shop. The unit also serves to allow products, informative brochures, catalogues and any other material that they wish to display, to sit on the shelving that is attached.

A similar unit to those above can be utilised purely for display, where the products can be showcased in a variety of ways. The unit has shelving, hanging hooks as well as dish bowls to exhibit a whole range of products that are different shapes and sizes.