Far East Supply

Retail Display can offer off-shore supply

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Retail Display are able to facilitate far-east supply for all of your shop fitting requirements. We have a base located in China in order for us to be able to provide our global customers with our products more efficiently. If you are based in the far-east then simply inform us HERE and we will be able to better serve your needs from this location.

We have a comprehensive team of skilled and talented industrial designers to serve your display needs. Using the latest software and technology, combined with the brightest mind set of this industry, we provide 3D renderings of designs that exceed all expectations. From a brief to conceptual ideas, through development, renderings, graphics & full production drawings. Our experienced staff are trained to deliver to our client’s expectation. We utilise a metal workshop, plastic workshop, wood workshop, acrylic workshop, powder coating workshop, printing rooms and electronic assembly line as well as a quality control lab.

Our metal workshop facilities consists of:

 Laser Cutting
 Guillotine Shear
 Wire Formers 2D and 3D
 CNC Wire Forming
 Tube Bending
 BRAKE Presses
 CNC Brake Presses
 CNC Punch Piercing
 MIG Welding
 BUTT Welding
 ARGON Welding
 SPOT Welding
 Full Finishing -Powder coat, plasticoat, nylon coat, plating

We are able to provide you with display solutions for any of your display needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements.